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You Adopted allows you to socially connect with other adopted individuals and to parents who have given up a birth child.

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You have come to the best of the best place, specifically if you are searching for your biological mother.

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You Are Adopted… You’re not alone…

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I Am Adopted

Do you feel that need to know? To understand? To belong? To truly know who you are, you may need to know where you come from. To share your thoughts, feelings, experiences with others. To make that connection with others on thier own journey. There are 1.5 million adopted children in the US alone. With that number increasing each year by 120,000. We are here to help people share that journey. To make that connection to others. Millions of people, connecting. Parents, siblings, grandparents, new friends… this is your life. Your journey. This is You Adopted.

If you are adopted and are interested in searching of your birth mother, birth father, birth siblings or to simply make new friends and connections then we recommend you register with You Adopted. Registration is free and our global adopted registry can help you find those you are in search of.

We have new members joining daily who are in search of children they have given up for adoption or adults searching for their birth mother, birth father, birth siblings or new friends.

Search Internationally! Our members are from all around the world. If you are searching for your:

  Birth Mother
  Birth Father
  Birth Son
  Birth Daughter
  Birth Brother
  Birth Sister
  Grand Mother
  Grand Father
  Other Birth Family
  Or you just want to make some new friends.

Searching for your Birth Mother or Birth Father?

/ Search Globally

Searching for you bith mother, birth father or birth siblings can be difficult and emotional at times. That is why we’ve created You Adopted. You are adopted and we want to help you search and locate your birth mother, birth father or any other birth relatives that you might or might not know about.

Free Registration

/ Always Free

You Adopted offers you a free communication tool so that you or your birth parents or birth family can register even if they are searching for you or not. Over time, one or the other might want to conduct a search. We make it easy for you to locate an adult in our global adoption registry.

If you’ve given up a child or you are searching for your birth mother, birth father or birth siblings then they might have already registered and are in search of you. If you are adopted or given up a child for adoption then we encourage you to register with your free account today.

Our Goal

/ Offer Free Search, Communicate, Locate Services

Our goal at You Adopted is simple – to help you in your search for your birth mother, birth father, birth parent, adopted daughter, adopted son, or any adopted family member that you may or may not know about. To provide the venue where you can find expert advice and support when needed.

You Adopted is a global online registry reaching every corner of the planet, connecting people on every continent and from all walks of life. From Alabama to Zimbabwe – all You Adopted members are either adopted or have given up a child for adoption. They know exactly what you have been through and what you are going through now so they can provide you with help, guidance and support when you need it. Rest assured, you will most definitely make new friends that have been where you are. That are on the same path.

Non-Adopted Adults

/ Connection to Your Past

There are many professional non-adopted adults that can help you and provide you with the support that you need, but realistically the majority of them don’t and cannot understand what you are going through and the emotions that you are feeling. Create your free registration today and start making new friends while You Adopted helps you make that connection to your past… and your future.

Share your Experience

/ Share your Success Stories

Many members have told us about their success stories and we love to hear them every time. So be sure to share your experience at You Adopted and your life long journey of dealing with adoption.

Making new Friends

/ Search and Make Friends

You Adopted is a great way to make new friends. Our goal at You Adopted is to help you find that someone for whom you are searching. Our members also enjoy making new friends and gaining invaluable expert advice and support. All of our members are adults who’ve given up a child for adoption, adults who’ve been adopted or are friends of the family.

Register today for your free membership and start making new friends and connections.

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