1. Samantha

    Searching for my Birth Brother

    I am looking for my maternal-half-brother. He was born in January 1958. He was placed in a childrens’ home run by the Victorian Government in 1963. His first placement was unsuccessful. His second remained permanent. The adoptive parents were a Presperterian minister and a nurse. He had a sibling via...
  2. Samantha

    Searching for my Birth Mother

    I am a girlfrind seeking the mom of my boyfriend who wants very much to see her. He doesn’t know I am doing this because he is afraid of rejection from her. So I will slip her a letter and see if she is up for it, so if she...
  3. Samantha

    Searching for my Birth Son

    Darling Son, I’ve been trying to find you for ages because everytime I think of saying goodbye to you in the hospital, I get upset and cry I’m so sorry that this happened, but my father wouln’t let me bring you home and your father didn’t want to know me...

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Can a Genealogist Help You Find Your Birth Parents?

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