Am I Adopted


Family is a very precious gift that is given to some before they are born. But unfortunately some stay or become deprived of it. The little kids who become orphan are adopted by some other couple who give him their name, love and compassion. If a child get to know that he is not staying with his actual mom and dad then it can be difficult for him to settle down in his life therefore the adoption thing is usually not disclosed to the children. But if you really want to answer your question that am I adopted then you can find it with the aid of below mentioned techniques.

  1. Genetic Similarities: one possesses some genetic similarities with one’s parents. It may be resemblance in face, smile, color, hair or hair type. So this is one of the factor to judge if you are adopted or not.
  2. Am I Adopted

  3. Traits and genes: Science has derived many mechanisms after going through intense studies to establish the existence of genetic traits. There are various chains which display the structure of cells. You can rely on this study and derive conclusions after the comparison of the shape and structure of your cells with that of your parents and can discuss any sort of disparity.
  4. Medical tests: This might prove expensive but it is an unbeatable mechanism to establish that whether you are a real child of your parents or not. Medical tests such as DNA is one by various genetic specialists in which your DNA will be compared with DNA of your parent. So this means that before running into this test you have to convince your parent to get it done because you need one DNA to be matched with that of yours.
  5. Ask your parents: If you have certain evidences and you feel that your parents are reluctant to talk about any matter concerning that you are not the real child of your parents then ask about it cautiously. This is a little private matter so try to take a peaceful time to ask them that am I adopted? But before this, be ready about the pros and cons of it.

Knowing about your real parents will not hurt the sentiments of the parents who have nurtured you up so long as you prove your loyalty to them. You have to convince them with the reason to discover that am I adopted? One reason may be the need to know about the heredity disorders that you may face while having children or marrying.

But if you are not adopted in a lovable house and are eroded by your siblings and parents then you have to discover on your own. Our website Adoption Search helps you to find out your real parents. We have a system wherein the parents can lodge for their missing child and child can seek for original parents. This way our portal serves as a platform where the departed figures stand a chance to meet once again.

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