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USA Adoption & Persons Record Searchoptional

This US adoption and persons record search is an optional service and is not required with your YouAdopted.com membership. However, if you don’t have a lot of information about your adoption then this database is a starting point; search your name first. If you DO have you birth certificate then you can use this person search to find out more about your birth mother or birth father.

Search your name first and then your birth mother and your birth father.

YouAdopted.com is a free community but if you have very little information about your situation and you are serious about learning more then we encourage you to start your search here. This search tool does not include YouAdopted member profiles so please do create an account and search other members as well.

Search all records with just one search credit.

U.S.A. Adoption and Persons Record Search is simply a tool for you gain more information about a person based on last name and state. Any additional information about that person will yield better results. Specifically, you can search more about yourself and your family members. The tool will provide you with all information the government and/or agencies has on the individual’s past and ancestry.

Read below price table to see what information is given when conducting a search.

When you’re ready to search, simply choose the number of search volume that best matches your needs. After payment you will receive an email with further instructions.

1 Search Credit

  • $5.00
    1 Credit
  • 1 Search Credit to search all records

6 Search Credits

  • $25.00
    6 credits
  • You will be able to search 6 different times, in all available records

12 Search Credits

  • $50.00
    12 credits
  • You will be able to search 12 different times, in all records

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