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Hi, I’m Samatha and I’m in search of my birth mother and other birth family. Years ago I created this web site in hopes that one day I may be able to find my birth mother or any other birth family. I’m still searching and praying everyday that I can reunite with someone so that I can get some answers to my questions.

Who Am I?

The miracle of a child is often out of the reach of some people. Whether it be genetics, health concerns or a simple case of a wish to provide a child with a loving home – adoption is the choice for millions of families, borne not out of necessity – but out of love.

We can all recall stories of the child dropped off on the hospital steps in the middle of the night with nothing more than a note. The lucky ones found new parents who gave them a loving home. A chance at a better life, some never knowing they were adopted until their adoptive parents told them. Their lives are full of love but it is intrinsic human nature to want to know where we came from or where someone ended up. So many questions – Who gave me life? Who are my ancestors? Why did my birth parents give me away? How they are doing? Did they make the “right” choice? And so many more questions left unanswered. With no hope of ever finding a connection to their past and their history, those adopted children were too often resigned to simply not knowing about their past.

There are also medical reasons, too. Many diseases are hereditary (high blood pressure, obesity, sickle cell anemia, cancer and many others) and with proper medical attention, they can be treated accordingly or prevented outright. But knowing the genetic family history is key.

Adoptions have evolved over the years. From the “closed” adoption rule of long ago where the birth parents were completely anonymous to “open” adoptions today where birth parents are not only known, often they are a part of the child’s every-day life.

For those who have not yet found their birth family You Adopted is the answer.

A burning need to know “Who I Am.” It is for this reason that You Adopted offers our services. It is the reason you are reading this right now. Let us help you make the connection.

Join me on my journey! In search of my birth mother and other birth family!

My Goal

My goal at You Adopted is simple – to help you in your search for your birth mother, birth father, birth parent, adopted daughter, adopted son, or any adopted family member that you may or may not know about. To provide the venue where you can find expert advice and support when needed.

You Adopted is a global online registry reaching every corner of the planet, connecting people on every continent and from all walks of life. From Alabama to Zimbabwe – all You Adopted members are either adopted or have given up a child for adoption. They know exactly what you have been through and what you are going through now so they can provide you with help, guidance and support when you need it. Rest assured, you will most definitely make new friends that have been where you are. That are on the same path.

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